Selfish little Girl (w/lyrics)

ever wonder what the heck drew is saying when he lays down the brutality?? we though you might! so we made a lyric video, cause i mean lyrics are literally half of a what a song is about!!


EP finished (Plus a new bass player)

hey guys!! Alden here!! Just wanted to drop by and let you all know that our EP is DONE!! After about 5 months of blood sweat and tears, we finally have our finished project!! here is the album art.

we are happy to announce that Aric Brenner is now the new bass player for dirt nap! go bug him on his Fbook page

Studio Update

Hey everyone! Alden here with an update of our progress in the studio tracking our first EP! After about 3 months of studio time and practicing we are nearing completion of our 5 song EP. Drums, guitars, and vocals are all complete with some songs still needing bass tracking, which will be handled by yours truly. This is a very exciting time for the band and we cant wait to release it so everyone can hear it! It’ll be free in case you wanted to know.


HI! we’re new here

hey all, im starting this wordpress website for my new media strategies class but i plan on using this as a serious venue for all things related to my band, Dirt Nap. Hopefully it will get some attention and put our name out there, which is the end goal for all of us